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Christophe Perrin Wines
Touraize Winery
Touraize Winery
Touraize Vineyards

At McCormick Wine Imports, we are passionate about wine and seek out wineries that share our passion so we can import and wholesale their wines! Using our knowledge of the culture and the languages of France, Italy and Spain we work to uncover smaller, less well-known wineries that offer a great combination of quality and value and stay true to the wine traditions of their respective areas.

We have been tasting and studying wine for decades and use this knowledge to find excellent wines to import and distribute in the US. We continue to focus on improving our knowledge of both the wines as well as the local customs of the European countries we concentrate on. Our current focus is on wines from Spain and Northern Italy with a search underway to uncover smaller wineries from the Burgundy region of France which offer high quality wines at reasonable prices. We seek to build and develop long-term solid partnerships with all of the wineries we support.

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